Due to the recent DMCA-related action against Bukkit and all its forks, including Cauldron, I did some emergency surgery to bring our downloads back. This is (hopefully!) only temporary, and either regular service can resume, or Sponge will be developed and released.

The (semi)legal action is derived from the fact that Minecraft itself is proprietary, and the GPL only allows distribution with other GPL-licensed code. Therefore, distributing GPL code and Minecraft code in the same compiled binary package violated both licenses. As best as I can tell (not being a lawyer), the source code should not have been affected, and the GitHub takedown notices were most likely illegal.

However, only the Bukkit API is GPL-licensed. The CraftBukkit server is licensed under LGPL, which can be bundled with closed-source software with no issues. As a temporary measure, I have split Cauldron apart into the GPL-licensed CauldronBukkit (which contains only GPL- and LGPL-licensed code) and the mixed-license Cauldron server (which contains no GPL-licensed code) pieces.

Note that while the GPL prohibits closed-source software from linking to GPL software at run-time, the only parts of our code which require the GPL-licensed CauldronBukkit API code are licensed under LGPL. No proprietary Mojang code is included in these downloads; unlike CraftBukkit, we use runtime binary patching instead. The GPL does not prohibit GPL code from referencing non-GPL code, only the other way around.

If anyone finds I have made a mistake about which files are where, please let me know immediately so it can be fixed.

To use: Just like before, except you must also download the appropriate CauldronBukkit .jar to the same directory as the server itself. The installer won't do it for you.

Version Installer Cauldron Server CauldronBukkit (GPL)
1.7.10-1.1207.01.198 Download Download Download
1.7.2-1.1147.04.196 Download Download Download
1.6.4-1.965.21.204 Download Download Download
1.6.4-1.965.21.45 Download Download Download

The source code is now available by torrent.